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Campus Construction (established in 2002) aims to offer a professional personalised building service to all clients but particularly to those in the education, ecclesiastical and commercial sectors.

The aim of the Directors is to work closely with our clients and their architects, surveyors or project managers to achieve contracts completed on time and within agreed cost limits. We are acutely aware that only a satisfied client will offer us the repeat business we seek for our services.

We advocate a non-adversarial approach to projects, preferring all the parties in the construction process to work as a team.

Whilst certain sectors of the market will always be price driven we note that clients are increasingly seeking best overall value for their projects, recognising that the cheapest price at the outset does not necessarily give the lowest overall cost on completion. We generally undertake contracts up to approximately 1,000,000 in value.

By working closely with our clients and their advisors we will always endeavour to be competitive and offer best value whilst forming long term partnering arrangements.

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